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How to Monitor EPA Regulations for Farms including New Laws and Farming Regulation

http://www.changedetect.com/ Option 1 Join the Ag Center’s News Service https://www.epa.gov/agriculture/agriculture-join-ag-centers-news-service

But you will only receive news alerts every other week And while it is good that the EPA set up this alert service, it is very basic and not at all customizable. Now if you subscribe to the Ag Center alerts (and we recommed that you do), you will receive alerts on what the EPA refers to a “variety of topics”.

This means that you will receive alerts on, for example, “animal waste management” when your ag business may not produce or need to manage animal waste.

The AG Center’s News Service is a blunt instrument. What you really need is a sharp tool.

Option 2 Implement the solution to target your AG center alerts to only only the issues that matter to you.

How would you achieve that?

You can use the free service from ChangeDetect monitor EPA regulations for your ag business.

From ChangeDetect, you can enter your list of web pages to track for changes. You will receive an e-mail alert when your target web pages change.

If you run an ag business and are not sure where to start for monitoring EPA regulations related to your agriculture business, you can start here:

The name of this page is the “Agriculture: Laws and Regulations that Apply to Your Agricultural Operation by Farm Activity”

You can find this link in the description below.

This is the EPA laws and regulations start page for agriculture business. From this start page you can drill down and find the actual EPA web pages that relate to your business.

Then enter those web pages into ChangeDetect and begin monitoring for relevant content changes.

Here is what you can accomplish by using ChangeDetect and your target content (EPA information pages for the laws and regulations that affect your agriculture business):

  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Aquaculture
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Livestock and Poultry including beef, dairy, swine, poultry
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Crop production including nurseries, greenhouses, forestry
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Provision of Drinking Water
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Farm Facilities, Fuel and Equipment
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Buildings/Construction/Renovation
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Chemical Handling
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Air Emissions/Releases
  • Monitor EPA Regulations for Wastes

If you have any questions about ChangeDetect and how to use the ChangeDetect web page monitoring service to keep up with changes to EPA laws and regulations for agriculture businesses, then contact ChangeDetect at http://www.changedetect.com/contact/

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